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Planning and Executing Goals One Day At A Time

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No matter what we want to execute in life, we must list our goals we want to achieve, plan, and execute them one day at a time. There are many things on our list that we want right away but it’s all about timing. It doesn’t matter if you are venturing off into entrepreneurship, dating, or preparing to have children, you have to trust the process. Understand that things come when we least expect it, so to ensure that we are ready, we must prepare ourselves physically, mentally, and financially.


Starting my own Lifestyle Blog has been in the works for years but the timing did not seem right. After having my second child, going back to school for my Master’s Degree, and moving back to my hometown, it wasn’t my time yet.


Now, that I have listed my goals with a purpose, nothing can stop me from achieving them. This is my time and I am claiming it!


We have to learn not to rush into a situation and find ourselves stressed, miserable, and unhappy. The process of anything we want in life takes time. Jot down your goals as well questions related to your goals. Try to answer them honestly. If you are not able to answer them, then continue to plan and prepare until you can.


When the time right, everything will fall into place. Trust the process and continue to believe in yourself.


Love Always,

I am "Fashionably Obsessed" with everything fashion related from the hottest trends to the latest releases of your favorite designers. "Style is a way to say who are you are without having to speak."



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