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Don’t Allow Red Lipstick To Be Intimidating…Self-Confidence Is The Key

Red Lipstick
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For years, I have been told that red lipstick was not for dark skin women and to leave it to the “red bones.” I didn’t understand the meaning behind it but I knew that it was hurtful. I began to believe the stereotypes after hearing it so often. But, you have to learn to block ignorance out and do what fits you as a person.


As I got older, I began looking in the mirror at the new me with a new purpose. Not the new me in the physical form but the mental form. That new me does not care what the next person thinks or feels about me. I know who I am…Black and full of beauty.


Don’t Let Stereotypes Stop You From Finding Your Shade Of Red.



Now, red lipstick can be intimidating to many due to its boldness, but it should not stop you from finding the perfect shade of red that compliments you. There are so many different shades of red lipstick but you have to be willing to try out a variety of lipsticks. You have your bright reds all the way to your deep red or berries.


The first step in wearing red lipstick is confidence. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. If you continue to keep yourself in this box, you will never know what you like or could possibly like. Once you find that shade, you are going to be totally OBSESSED.


Lets check out some of my favorites below:



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