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Bringing Kids To Your Photoshoot

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When it comes to blogging, many think that because you have kids it is impossible to do. I am not going to lie, it is hard but not impossible. Blogging is not just about sitting behind the computer, you have photoshoots, videos, and so much more that takes a lot of your time. The key is timing and patience. You are going to have moments when your kids want all of your attention while you are trying to prepare for the week. I can get a lot done while the kids are sleeping, watching television, or anything that is catching their attention.

If blogging is something you love, you have to do what you have to do to get it done. I brought both of my boys with me on a recent photoshoot and they were all over the place. My oldest played on his tablet, while my youngest kept calling my name, wanting to get out of his stroller, wanting a snack, and etc. The shoot took a bit longer than usual because I had to tend to them but with a patient photographer, we got it done.

In between looks, my youngest son came up to me and told me, “I love you mommy!” Right then, I remember why I do the things I do. His good luck kiss and high fives were the best and motivated me even more. My babies are my everything and I love being their mom.

P.S. Have snacks, entertainment, and a stroller to keep them busy while you have a fab photoshoot! You will thank me later. No need to cancel shoots due to not having a sitter, bring them right along with you!


Love always,

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