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Balancing Work and The Family Life

Family Life
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When I started the blogging life back in 2012, I realized how much work it takes to blog. Many see the glitz and glamour but don’t see the work that is put into ensuring content is posted consistently, Monday through Sunday.


At that time, I only had one child. I had to balance my time with my family as well as getting my work done. Along with blogging full-time, I was working full-time, a mom, and a wife. Talk about hard work!



In 2015, I had my second child and decided to go back to school to get my Masters in Mathematics. Now, you are talking balancing school, work, blogging, and family life. After many long nights and many tears, I had to figure out a way to balance everything and still find my sanity.


In 2017, I received my Masters and began working on Fashionably Obsessed. I have finally found a way to incorporate my heartbeats in something I truly love. Often times we get so consumed with life that we forget how to balance. Incorporating my loves is a way for me to spend even more time together. They are a constant reminder of why I do what I love and who I do it for. Balance is the key!


Love Always,

I am "Fashionably Obsessed" with everything fashion related from the hottest trends to the latest releases of your favorite designers. "Style is a way to say who are you are without having to speak."



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