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Back With A Mission To Conquer All Obstacles

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I know many of you are thinking, “Where has Peachkyss been for the past few months?” Well, let’s just say life happened.

For many that do not know, I am more than a blogger. I am a mother of two, a blogger for Baller Alert and an educator. So you know I am busy as ever. But, that is not an excuse to stop conquering the goals you want to accomplish.

My biggest problem was balancing my time with my priorities and my goals. It does become overwhelming but I am done with the excuses I have constantly made.

Today is a new day and I am ready to move forward with all of my ideas. There’s nothing like having ideas but continuously let them sit. Well, I am done with that…. So I am back like I never left!

How do you balance your family and work life?

Love Always,


I am "Fashionably Obsessed" with everything fashion related from the hottest trends to the latest releases of your favorite designers. "Style is a way to say who are you are without having to speak."



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